Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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I am Sam.
I am a balding older man who finds time to do just about nothing. I have been lazy since birth. My mother had to be induced because I was so lazy I didn't even feel like coming out into the world. Now, here I am. Watching TV, eating doughnuts, just sitting. Always sitting. I can't believe how much work other people do. I heard of this guy once who worked TEN hours straight in one day! What an idiot!
I am married. My wife found me one day sleeping on a bench in a park and felt sorry for me. Now it's great! I have someone fulltime to care for me. I really enjoy doing crafts and my favorite color is pink. I have been known to be a little flamboyant from time to time, but that comes from my shattered childhood.

You can see here that my favorite animal is a kitten. I feel that the kitten is a great role model, because of its ability to sleep all day long. I really enjoy knowing that there is a more lazy creature on this earth than me.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell.

Okay, time to come clean. Everything I have said in this 'blog' is a complete lie. Other than this little tidbit of information.

My brother Jon, and one of my becoming best friends, shown with me in the stunning picture above, is responsible for this blog.

You see, we lost a bet to a couple of young ladies we picked up at a local card game. During this game, a bet was placed and we were the lads that lost that bet. Therefore, we were both required to start a blog. I have really enjoyed my time blogging and I look forward to making another blog 'entry' sometime on or shortly thereafter the Christmas holiday season.

Come to think of it, this will be a great place to post my christmas letter I usually send out to people. Think of all the money and time I will save! Besides you know that 90% of the people you send those letters to don't even really care about what you've written in them. They simply smile and throw them away without even reading them!
At least that's what we do at our house.

Jon, we have made good on our bet. I really enjoy the 'border' you picked on your blog, the colors are really you. I am totally excited to see what you blog about next time. Maybe you could spend a little time talking to the people about our facination with wallpaper borders, or our strong desire to be co-owners of our very own craft store. I am so excited about the craft gingerbread houses we have decided on for this upcoming christmas. They really are a thing of beauty.

Alright fellow 'Bloggers', until next time!


Blogger Lisa H said...

Love it Sam! It's about time! :) I'll make sure the word gets out....

6:26 PM

Blogger Marybeth said...

Oh my gosh! Induced!!! Since when? That was quite the effort and gave me a good laugh. Can't wait until the next "blog". So glad to hear about the Ginger Bread houses as now I know exactly what to get you for Christmas!

7:25 PM

Blogger Yippy Kai Eh said...

Sam...You have not purchased the rights to the above photo. You also spent more than the designated 90 seconds writing your first entry. You have sold me out.

7:36 PM

Blogger Beth said...

I read your Christmas letter every year word for word!

8:36 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Sam- you have to keep blogging. You are too entertaining.

7:40 AM

Blogger Lisa H said...

I'd like to see an update now and again! Let's keep the blogging going! :)

1:05 PM

Blogger kelly said...

I'm ready for another blog...when is the next one coming?

8:04 PM

Blogger Charlene said...

You don't know me but I know Dave and Beth...so I made my way to your blog. I must say, it would be a shame to keep the public from such great, truthful writing!


9:51 AM

Blogger mary said...

wow, what a nice picture of you two, and finally the truth comes out about what a lazy guy you are, I always knew someday you'd let everyone see how truly lazy you are....whatever Sam, we all know the truth and I don't think you could be lazy if you tried, I did love reading your story though and look forward to the next one...mary

9:52 AM

Blogger Shanygne said...

that was a great first blog... and what a picture!!

it was nice to finally meet you this weekend (garage sale...the one you didn't know beforehand)

9:55 AM


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