Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Really Blogs Anyway?

So I have decided, who really blogs?  Is it moms, dads, people who don't really have a life?  Is it complete losers, wait, then who reads blogs?  Bigger losers?  Hmmmm... Interesting question.  I guess we will never know.  I guess I am the biggest loser then since I read blogs and here I am writing one too.  So anyway, it has been awhile since my last blog.  I have been sort of busy, therefore, I have not been able to blog for about 3 years due to my life being too busy.  However, some young ladies were in my office today giving me grief about not blogging so here I am blogging.  Yes, blogging.  Me.  I am too old to do this stuff.  You know it takes a young mind to write about things that you accomplish in a day. Yes, the younger the mind the better the blog right?  So I guess my 4 year old should start a blog....Hmm maybe my thinking is a bit skewed.  Well, so much has happened in the past 3 years that it would be impossible to try to catch it all up in one post, so I guess I will just say that with my next post I will start to catch everyone, (I have 2 followers, myself and my wife), back up with what is going on in my life.
This is a big shout out to the lady fellows at my place of employment.  They are the bomb and they work hard and they make my job enjoyable.  Keep working on keeping me young ladies!  Thanks for all you guys do.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Grief. When was the last time I blogged? June? Wow. Amazing. Since then I have found it to be true that I am indeed the father of a little girl. (So wierd how that happens!). I still have the 2 boys and my wife occassionally drops in to say hi. I still work, although, I do protest it every time I have to go to work. Christmas was great. I got a lot of stuff, I know they say Christmas is about giving, but that just isn't true. Christmas is all about receiving and the people spend on me the happier I am. I think I have this all wrong,but maybe someday I will get it. New Year's was great. I stayed up until midnight on New Year's eve and watched this ball fall in a city that I have only seen in the dark. Wierd. Oh, I did light up some fireworks for the children, they enjoyed them I do believe, however, I will never be as good at that as Mr. Fireworks man. Life is good. I wish I had someone around to do more work at my house for me as it is quite tiresome. I have a beautiful fireplace in my new house. Oh how I love it. Oh wait, not I don't. However, they tell me before next year I should have it in. I don't think I have any good pictures to leave you with here on the eve of my 6 mos blog, but I will look. I promise you that by the next time I blog, there will be BIG BIG BIG news in life of Lazy by Nature. Toodles all.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

So, when I die I want to go like my grandfather did, in his sleep. Not screamig like the passengers in his car.

Ahhh, the joys of summer in east Texas, the cool morning air, (85 degrees 90% humidity), my boys sleeping in late, (5:45am), my wife doing 'stuff'. We are building a new home, did everyone know that? It is coming along nicely. We are excited about the peace and quiet we will be given by moving out onto 6 acres. We are keeping our old house and renting it out. We already have takers and we are excited about it. I think it's funny my wife's blog's name has a dead cat in it. Do you find that ironic? I know I do. Darn the luck. The 4th of July is coming, it is my second favorite holiday, pictures will follow of my most favorite holiday since this is the halfway point. Well, not much else going on in my life, I spend a copious amount of time in my lazy boy doing absolutely nothing. Will write more later.
This last picture is a very good way to nap if you want people to think you are reading when in reality you are sleeping. Bet you never would have gotten it had I not told you. Heh. (Sneaky).


Saturday, April 26, 2008

So, my ball and chain has been on me about my blogging abilities and how I have neglected them for so long. It is truly because I have been so busy doing absolutely nothing. My wife has also made several comments about my not blogging for awhile. Well, where do I start to get you all caught up? I have been traveling the country under the false pretense of work. I go to cities and sit in the hotel room and stare longingly at the wall. Sometimes I watch TV, but usually I just stare at the wall. Then I come home, tell my wife how 'busy' I have been, (she buys it every time), and then I tell her I am going into work up the road at by 'job' (heh, heh), I then go to town and wander around at the mall. Man am I tired of doing nothing. My kids are growing up and are becoming more like their mother.......(Um, there are many things that go through my head on this, but let's just consentrate on the positive here), looks, personality, and my oldest is almost potty trained at night time.

I have taken up cooking and I really enjoy it. I have also taken up doing laundry. Girls if you need any tips on those stubborn stains on whites, let me know I have learned a new trick that is really quite easy. As far as the cooking goes, I have taken to Indian cooking. I tried cooking American foods, but I am just not any good at it. I missed hunting this year which for me is comparable to my wife missing a good garage sale. I must say it has been relatively depressing missing hunting, but thankfully my 'pretend' work was there to take its place this year. My wife has made a lot of new friends down here in Texas. I don't really like any of them, but at least she has friends. I am still looking for a friend. I almost had one, but then they sentenced him so he went away. Oh well, I will try again. Oh, my wife is supporting the building of a new home for me to reside in! I am really excited about it. We are going to be living down a really bumpy road away from civilization. I am pretty excited about it. We will have all sorts of fun down there. Well, I don't want to bore you with anymore details so I will leave you with some stunning photo's of me and my beautiful family. Sorry I haven't blogged so long, if my wife would quit giving me so many tasks to do around the house I would have more time to spend on important things like this blog. If you see my wife anytime soon, tell her I say hello. I was banished to the shop about 3 months ago and I have no idea why!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This is just a reminder of what I used to do. I was a very serious police officer. For those of you who don't know where I was a police officer, we will leave that out, but for those of you who thought I was a respectable policeman, this just goes to show you that yes, I was even more seruious in those ten years than I am now. It was just too stressful for me. I had to get out. The seriousness of the job just flat wore me out.
We went fishing this last week to Canada where we spent 10 days at a reomte fly-in lake where we fished until our fingers literally bled. It was very cool. Jon and I spent most of the vacation together in a little boat catching lots of fish and being extremely serious about the whole ordeal. It was good to come home to let our hair down a little bit and be more relaxed. I must admit that I did have a very good time though. I caught two fish the entire trip so it was sort of like being in prison for 10 days. It was nice to come home. I did honestly miss my family while I was away, but I was pretty dissapointed to come home and see that I was the only one who missed anyone. Quite frankly a tragedy.

My wife warned me to wear sunscreen, it's just that I kind of forgot. I really got some silly tan lines. It's a good thing though that I am able to hide my insecurities so well. Not much else is new around here though. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our 3rd child which should come sometime in August. It will definitley ameliorate the situation at our house. The boys have begun to get rather roisterious in this the estival season of the year. I am anxious for the arrival of our 3rd. As long as my wife doesn't thimblerig the entire ordeal I think it will be quite entertaining to watch the two boys and their sister. The boys will have to be more lissome than they are now, but I think they will do just fine.
Well, I hope this blog finds everyone in good spirits and in excellent health. I will blog more later when I am not so busy at work. Oh, my work buddy Russ is gone to Costa Rica for two weeks, with his 'new' friend. I am sure that he will miss me. I know that he will... I mean really who wouldn't? Alright then.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I forgot you all wanted a picture of my dancing wife!!!!!!
Oh the joys of a camera!!!! Isn't she amazing? And you all wonder why I don't like to go out dancing! I am going to be in so much trouble for posting this picture. Lisa please forgive me!

Well, here it is, the 16 of May. Holy cow how time flies. We are pretty much done with the ATF tour for the year, that is where I work, and I am most definitely ready for a break. My wife and I are going to take the boys up to Arkansas with Jon and Kelly and Jordan for the week-end. We are pretty excited. I need a break. I really need a break. I can't emphasize how much I need a break. A break will really be nice. I need to catch up on some rest. My boss is a real slave driver and I really need a break. I am ready to be with my family for a consistent amount of time equalling more than 5 hour blocks. This break will be divine. Russ, my roommate, I mean my office mate is also ready for a break so our office should be empty this week for the most part. The boys are doing great and Lisa is doing well also. We are all ready for a break. I am taking my dad on a fly-in fishing trip this coming June with my 2 brothers to a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip.....Until next year.....Then it will be twice-in-a-lifetime fishing trip etc. etc. you get the picture. It' s just easier to sell to the womenfolk this way. Anyway, God is doing a lot of amazing stuff in our lives right now. We are excited to have this final addition to our family arrive so that we can love on her. (I hope Henry doesn't accidentally love her to 'death' literally). We have been working on gentleness with him...Heh..... That's like a funny joke. Well, I will write more later. Oh, Lisa went and visited her mom in WA this past week. We really miss having her mom around she is so funny, so fun and so giving. Mary we truly love you so much. The boys had a really fun time with you. Hurry and get done with work so you can move down here with us!
Here are some pictures of Russ and I working a Honor Academy thing. I still haven't figured out how to loosen up any. I am such a straightlace.......

Did I ever tell you about the 'perfect' picture Lisa was trying to get of the Grizzly bear in the wildnerness that she almost got eaten by?
Yeah, she didn't realize how far she had gotten from the car and how close the bear was to her.
It's a very funny story I should share it with you all sometime.
Also, like father like son........Aren't we so cute?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hello everyone. It has been a terribly long time since I last blogged. I am freshly into Detroit to aid my brother on yet another one of our fun adventures. I am rather tired from all the flying and I really need to lay down and watch sportscenter, but I guess I can dedicate five minutes of my day to allow you all a snapshot of the glamour in which I live. So we decided to take the boys to the park the other day to play some soccer. Here are some great photo's of them doing just that. I was trying to build their neck muscles, so I thought I should work on their heading skills.
I don't know how ya'll center pictures and make the words wrap around them and all that stuff. I just tried for like a half an hour and gave up. So anyway, my wife informs me that the soccer is too 'physically' demanding for our children. (She is so protective of them!) So she decides instead that she should give them some dancing lessons. This was a pretty big hit and the boys really took to the dancing. I can't believe how much they learned from her! I wish I could dance like them, but I just don't have any rythm. Then one of my good friends Russ showed up and gave them a guitar lesson and that was rather amazing. I thinnk they will play the guitar someday.
Anyway, we found out we are going to have another kid for sure. My wife isn't overeating as I originally suspected. She really is pregnant. I saw it myself. We also found out we are going to be having a girl. Lisa doesn't like Shawntea or Leteshia. I don't know, I feel these are valid names, but I am not getting any sort of a positive response from her. Can you believe it snowed in Texas the day before Easter? So my boys are out trying to get Easter eggs and it's snowing. I showed my oldest though that it isn't about sharing, but getting as many eggs as you can before anyone else. He really catching on quickly. My youngest though, he really is into sharing and being nice to others. I will have to work on him some. Well, I will leave you this picture for you to ponder. By the way I had a GREAT photo of my wife at the dance lesson and if there is enough 'pressure' for me to post it I will do so in my next blog, but I will have to have overwhelming support. Good luck everyone. Did everyone have a moment of silence for Tiger losing the Masters this week-end? I was so saddened by it all.