Monday, April 09, 2007

Hello everyone. It has been a terribly long time since I last blogged. I am freshly into Detroit to aid my brother on yet another one of our fun adventures. I am rather tired from all the flying and I really need to lay down and watch sportscenter, but I guess I can dedicate five minutes of my day to allow you all a snapshot of the glamour in which I live. So we decided to take the boys to the park the other day to play some soccer. Here are some great photo's of them doing just that. I was trying to build their neck muscles, so I thought I should work on their heading skills.
I don't know how ya'll center pictures and make the words wrap around them and all that stuff. I just tried for like a half an hour and gave up. So anyway, my wife informs me that the soccer is too 'physically' demanding for our children. (She is so protective of them!) So she decides instead that she should give them some dancing lessons. This was a pretty big hit and the boys really took to the dancing. I can't believe how much they learned from her! I wish I could dance like them, but I just don't have any rythm. Then one of my good friends Russ showed up and gave them a guitar lesson and that was rather amazing. I thinnk they will play the guitar someday.
Anyway, we found out we are going to have another kid for sure. My wife isn't overeating as I originally suspected. She really is pregnant. I saw it myself. We also found out we are going to be having a girl. Lisa doesn't like Shawntea or Leteshia. I don't know, I feel these are valid names, but I am not getting any sort of a positive response from her. Can you believe it snowed in Texas the day before Easter? So my boys are out trying to get Easter eggs and it's snowing. I showed my oldest though that it isn't about sharing, but getting as many eggs as you can before anyone else. He really catching on quickly. My youngest though, he really is into sharing and being nice to others. I will have to work on him some. Well, I will leave you this picture for you to ponder. By the way I had a GREAT photo of my wife at the dance lesson and if there is enough 'pressure' for me to post it I will do so in my next blog, but I will have to have overwhelming support. Good luck everyone. Did everyone have a moment of silence for Tiger losing the Masters this week-end? I was so saddened by it all.



Blogger Lisa H said...

I had a funny feeling that I should check your blog tonight. :) Thanks for leaving off the "dancing" picture--you post it and you'll be sorry, mister!

Love the picture of Russ, by the way...he's looking pretty hot! :)

9:34 PM

Blogger Heidi Jo said...

you make me so thankful that my husband is not interested in blogging! i love to laugh with lisa though at what she gets to endure...but i'm not sure i'd find my husband as humorous:-)

11:22 AM

Blogger Shanygne said...

We want the picture!!!

2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say go for Leteshia! It rhymes with Alicia and that's my girls name. You can make all kinds of cools rhyming names to call her :)

You were in Detroit and you didn't come over to meet us? My heart is sad. What's up with that? Your brother David would have come over. He's really cool!

I'm coming to your house when I come to Texas. Bet you can't wait.

Thanks for bloggin'. Once again, don't forget what an awesome wife you have!

4:09 PM

Blogger Marybeth said...

Hey Sam! I can't believe you blogged on your birthday and didn't even take time to thank your MOM who went through all the work of having and...raising you! Anyway- we are BLESSED and looking forward to seeing you soon in Detroit! You are such a gift and blessing to us! Love you!

5:29 PM

Blogger Just Mom said...

OK, I've decided to finally leave a comment on your blog. Very funny stuff. Just don't give my husband any ideas, please.

9:21 PM

Blogger Karen said...

PIC-TURE! PIC-TURE! PIC-TURE! seriously! She'll forgive you eventually (sorry Lisa). ;-)

And yes, we had a moment of silence for Tiger.

6:58 PM

Anonymous Rebekah said...

I think this post is lame without the dancing picture. I, for one, am in favour (spelt with the u) of seeing the photograph in the next post. Or else I may just unsubscribe myself from this pitiful excuse for a blog.

11:51 AM


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