Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Grief. When was the last time I blogged? June? Wow. Amazing. Since then I have found it to be true that I am indeed the father of a little girl. (So wierd how that happens!). I still have the 2 boys and my wife occassionally drops in to say hi. I still work, although, I do protest it every time I have to go to work. Christmas was great. I got a lot of stuff, I know they say Christmas is about giving, but that just isn't true. Christmas is all about receiving and the people spend on me the happier I am. I think I have this all wrong,but maybe someday I will get it. New Year's was great. I stayed up until midnight on New Year's eve and watched this ball fall in a city that I have only seen in the dark. Wierd. Oh, I did light up some fireworks for the children, they enjoyed them I do believe, however, I will never be as good at that as Mr. Fireworks man. Life is good. I wish I had someone around to do more work at my house for me as it is quite tiresome. I have a beautiful fireplace in my new house. Oh how I love it. Oh wait, not I don't. However, they tell me before next year I should have it in. I don't think I have any good pictures to leave you with here on the eve of my 6 mos blog, but I will look. I promise you that by the next time I blog, there will be BIG BIG BIG news in life of Lazy by Nature. Toodles all.

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Blogger Lisa H said...

Hey honey, Just dropping in to say hi! I'm off now to do whatever it is you think I do when I'm apparently not around. ;)

Love the picture of the pigs!

9:25 PM

Blogger Lisa H said...

Oh, and ummmm....who actually uses the word 'toodles' these days? That is not okay...

1:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have found it to be true that I am indeed the father of a little girl. (So wierd how that happens!"

Good grief Sam, after having three kids I wouldn't think you would find it all so weird. I'm pretty sure it's all apart of married life. Oh, that is what you meant right? Hmmm, maybe you were just referring to the idea of a little girl in your life.

What in the world are those heads. Pigs? Huh?

Don't tell Lisa that I told you, but she spends most of her time of Facebook instead of caring for you and the house.

I have to go convince Dave that I've been working around here, so toodles.

PS As for gifts, yeah I'm right there with you and expect one in the mail from you come March on my birthday.

5:14 PM

Blogger Marybeth said...

OH Sam....only a mother could love you...and that might be pushing it!

6:18 PM

Blogger Just Mom said...

Nice update, Sam. See you in another six months.

9:32 PM

Blogger Kim said...

Glad to see you back in the blogging world, Sam! Though I haven't been keeping up much either, since I'm now a facebook addict.... thanks to your wife.

7:53 PM


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