Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, another great Christmas completely botched. I have very few requests on Christmas morning. Lots of gifts, white powdered doughnuts and coffee. I got a couple of presents, my wife had to dig through the phone book to find an open gas station to go out and buy me doughnuts before I could begin opening my gifts because she forgot to get them! And then, to top it all off while she was frantically running out to get the goods, I realized that she had put my coffe all together, but didn't even feel like turning it on. What am I going to do? I am so over this. I am such a simple man and yet.........Well, there is always next Christmas. So then I decided that I would go back to bed, but before I could I realized that I needed to plant this tree I got. I went out and planted it and the thing is straight, but my 1 and 3 year old dug a crooked hole! Rather than ask them to fix their mistake I just took away their presents as a punishment. Then I just stood on an angle to make it look straight. I think it worked, but you can be the judge. The last photo you see here is me attempting to give my son the Hymlech maneuver. My wife said I was doing it wrong. Whatever. I think this technique is textbook. Kids these days. I wish his mother had better control over him. I can tell this is going to be stressful until the children are out of the house. I work so hard at home that I wish I could just get a break. I did manage to get permanently booted from the kitchen though this Christmas. It's not my fault I don't know where anything goes. It's not like my shop you know where I have a written out blueprint as to where everything goes. This is so if my wife happens to need to borrow a tool, she knows exactly where to get it and where it goes when she is done. It also helps when I get done with a project and I need her to come out and pick up all my tools, she knows where they go so she doesn't have to bother me while I am watching football. So back to the main story, she has no blueprint for the kitchen and I only do dishes about once a month, so I have only unloaded the dishwasher about 6 times since we moved here and she expects me to remember where it all goes? Get real. So now the kitchen and the grocery store are both off limits to me. Going into the grocery would be like going to Ireland. I have never been there, have no desire to go and quite frankly think it's a waste of time. At least I can count on good football games during this time of year. Well, I think I have rambled on about my miserable life long enough for this blog. At least maybe my new years eve party will be good. I am excited for a new year. Maybe I can tone back all the abitions I had in 2006. I think 2007 should be a year of rest for me. I have been way too busy to even get enough sleep. I will see if my wife would be up for working a little harder in 07 to allow me a little more down time.

See ya around.

Preciate all of ya'll visitin this here site.