Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Grief. When was the last time I blogged? June? Wow. Amazing. Since then I have found it to be true that I am indeed the father of a little girl. (So wierd how that happens!). I still have the 2 boys and my wife occassionally drops in to say hi. I still work, although, I do protest it every time I have to go to work. Christmas was great. I got a lot of stuff, I know they say Christmas is about giving, but that just isn't true. Christmas is all about receiving and the people spend on me the happier I am. I think I have this all wrong,but maybe someday I will get it. New Year's was great. I stayed up until midnight on New Year's eve and watched this ball fall in a city that I have only seen in the dark. Wierd. Oh, I did light up some fireworks for the children, they enjoyed them I do believe, however, I will never be as good at that as Mr. Fireworks man. Life is good. I wish I had someone around to do more work at my house for me as it is quite tiresome. I have a beautiful fireplace in my new house. Oh how I love it. Oh wait, not I don't. However, they tell me before next year I should have it in. I don't think I have any good pictures to leave you with here on the eve of my 6 mos blog, but I will look. I promise you that by the next time I blog, there will be BIG BIG BIG news in life of Lazy by Nature. Toodles all.

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