Saturday, April 26, 2008

So, my ball and chain has been on me about my blogging abilities and how I have neglected them for so long. It is truly because I have been so busy doing absolutely nothing. My wife has also made several comments about my not blogging for awhile. Well, where do I start to get you all caught up? I have been traveling the country under the false pretense of work. I go to cities and sit in the hotel room and stare longingly at the wall. Sometimes I watch TV, but usually I just stare at the wall. Then I come home, tell my wife how 'busy' I have been, (she buys it every time), and then I tell her I am going into work up the road at by 'job' (heh, heh), I then go to town and wander around at the mall. Man am I tired of doing nothing. My kids are growing up and are becoming more like their mother.......(Um, there are many things that go through my head on this, but let's just consentrate on the positive here), looks, personality, and my oldest is almost potty trained at night time.

I have taken up cooking and I really enjoy it. I have also taken up doing laundry. Girls if you need any tips on those stubborn stains on whites, let me know I have learned a new trick that is really quite easy. As far as the cooking goes, I have taken to Indian cooking. I tried cooking American foods, but I am just not any good at it. I missed hunting this year which for me is comparable to my wife missing a good garage sale. I must say it has been relatively depressing missing hunting, but thankfully my 'pretend' work was there to take its place this year. My wife has made a lot of new friends down here in Texas. I don't really like any of them, but at least she has friends. I am still looking for a friend. I almost had one, but then they sentenced him so he went away. Oh well, I will try again. Oh, my wife is supporting the building of a new home for me to reside in! I am really excited about it. We are going to be living down a really bumpy road away from civilization. I am pretty excited about it. We will have all sorts of fun down there. Well, I don't want to bore you with anymore details so I will leave you with some stunning photo's of me and my beautiful family. Sorry I haven't blogged so long, if my wife would quit giving me so many tasks to do around the house I would have more time to spend on important things like this blog. If you see my wife anytime soon, tell her I say hello. I was banished to the shop about 3 months ago and I have no idea why!!!!!!