Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogging is so annoying. So get this, Control S in most computer worlds is 'undo' Oh no. Not on this silly site, Control S is publish. What a joke. I can't believe they would do that. It's like so wrong. Anyway, I was going to tell you some more about my life. The picture of my oldest son, is what I always aspired to be. Someone special. I was someone special alright. They really thought I was special. I am amazed. They made me feel so special that special became a word I especially began to dislike. You follow me? (Me either). Anyway, so my house is falling apart, we are running out of room and the stork is coming. I think I am going to permanently pitch a tent outside our back door and our two boys can sleep out there from now on. Kind of like an east Texas addition right? Well, I think that you can see how my life is still spiraling downward at a rapid pace, but at least I feel special. Have you ever worried that maybe life is passing you by too quickly? So have I, but you know what I found out? It is.

Well, I am so unproductive today that I am going to go back to sleep. I hope that everyone who is reading this enjoyed the new pictures as much as they did the writing. I just am not in a mood to write today. I know my stories today were lame, but it's the only thing I can do to keep myself humble. Write poorly.

Good luck with the rest of your day, and remember to live by my wife's profound words of wisdom:

Put off whatever you can today, because tomorrow is coming and you can always do it then!


So here it is, I guess I need to blog. My wife of five years has found out that again the stork is going to visit us. I must admit I am shocked. I can't believe how it works! You pour some water in this pot, this little plant begins to grow under the warmth of the sun and then......Your wife comes in and says, "Yeah, the stork is coming!" I am so lucky to have a 3rd visit in my lifetime! It's truly amazing. Well my issues continue. I am constantly having to call people to come and fix things at my house that get broken while I am 'working' (really sleeping), in my office at work. I don't understand how this stuff gets broken, but then I get pictures like this! I seriously need to start my own juvenile detention hall. I have two residents already. Then to make matters worse, my mom says that she wants the family to come for dinner. (This is our Christmas dinner). Thing is she kind of has this weird thing where she likes my brother Jon and I to dress up. We really feel uncomfortable about it, but what else can you do? We just try to make her happy. I think my dad is in on it too, but he won't admit to it.