Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This blog picture thing is really confusing. Anyway, here are the other two pictures I was trying to get to y'all a minute ago.

Welcome back. I have chosen this photograph due to the beautification of this tree. Isn't it wonderful? The way it glistens in the sunlight and strikes so candidly at the imagination? Look at how it sways in the gentle breeze. This tree is a thing of beauty. Wow. I took this picture so that you may all see what a bull elk does to a tree when he is scratching the velvet off of his antlers every late summer. They also do this when they are in 'rut'. I would like to explain that to my readers, but this is a 'G' rated site. I am also showing you a picture of this owl, which Ironically makes the same noise as my wife's favorite band......The Who......
And lastly I am including a picture of this small buck that I saved from a life of violence and crime. I shot him at 745 am. Drove him back to Bozeman and he was skinned packaged and in the freezer by 930am. That is by far the fastest turn around on a deer I have ever had. I of course didn't do all the work, but I did sleep while others did it for me. I don't want you to start thinking that I work a lot or even a little. These pictures are really too good for my blog site, but my wife hasn't sent me any other pictures to my office lately, so I am stuck with what I have. I hope that she is getting me some good presents for Christmas. I really like Christmas. I know some people say that giving is the best part of Christmas, but I really disagree. I think that getting is the best part. I told my wife that my kids don't need any gifts this year, instead, she should spend all of that money on me. I told her that when my boys get older they won't remember not getting presents. Besides, they really only enjoy opening the packages, and I would 'allow' them to open some of mine. I don't think it will work this year, but I will keep trying. I was going to buy my wife a really cool gift, but while I was going to pick it up, I accidentally went by the sporting goods department.........I better not say anymore, she will see what I got myself instead. She will understand.
Well, until next time, I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and if you need to spend any extra money, I can definitely get you my 'must have' list.